Understanding Electracy

Today in our society we are constantly wondering as humans what is our potential in the world and what can effect change in our society. We think this in other aspects of life life media for example, how can we make full use of this new technology. Gregory Ulmer has a theory that can help explain this, he calls it Electracy. Ulmer says Electracy is to digital media, what literacy is to the alphabet. Ulemer also explains the meaning of aparatas which refers to the new ideas of new technology for social machines. Which is used partly for technology and and institutionally.


[via: Participatory Composition]

Ulmer also feels that we as a society today take for granted the skill set we have that allows people to confront others daily. I find this thought interesting that Umler says this about our society today, but he does seem to make a good point about this topic. If you look at our society today we do take our communication skills for granted as humans and then communicate through technology rather than face to face contact. Ulmer also goes on and describes rhetoric history referencing to philosopher such as Emmanuel Kant and Jacques Derrida, describing Kant’s Critique of Judgement and Derridas theory on Kant and the creation of an image for metaphysics.

Ulmer then goes into what is the Emer Agencey, which as he describes it is having all the citizens participate in an Internet public sphere, this process though is only possible with digital prothesis. This theory of a public sphere I see could be one that is use full to our society, this is mainly because a public sphere can function properly in a democracy and help us learn more about the world and expand our ideas as a society.

Finally Ulmer sums it up by saying how useful it is for us to have more of a theoretical state of mind and understand the historical framework in an institution. He also says that or historical analogy should help us appreciate the potential of entertainment and not have us judge what we see as modern day accomplishments. Also that our new media practices are allowing us to be more accessible within the arts and letters and allow us to use them to help develop new forms of media. What also should be realized through this reading that is stated in the final paragraph  states “Electracy needs to do for digital imaging what literacy did for the written word”(Belanger). Which means that we should be able to make better use of Electracy for digital imaging and use it in a more effective way to communicate.



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